Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's Been Awhile

Where did 2012 go??

I can't believe we are writing 2013 on papers now...but time has a way of marching forward. I happen to think that's a good thing though. A year ago wasn't the happiest time for me but I can safely say God showed me TONS of things about myself in 2012. And I praise Him for that.

This post is (belatedly) dedicated to my dear Uncle Lowell who spent the best Christmas with Jesus this year.

Dear Uncle Lowell,
I already miss you and I haven't even been at a family 'get-together' without you yet. Your caring smile and soft-spoken voice will be missed. Your gentle nature. How I always knew you cared about me when you asked what I was up to in life when we talked. And I will always remember our last conversation about baseball following my Giants beating your Reds in October =) Mom told me how you were cracking funniest almost until you slipped into heaven. It was very hard to not see you laid to rest. I got to listen to a bit of the memorial service before school. I heard all about it and how you used skids to hold your casket =) Then you made everyone cry when you gave Grandma and Aunt Sandy roses. Men like you don't exist anymore; at least not around me! I will never forget your talent for telling stories(Phil and the Fudge Bar) and how you "dropped" many-a-softball playing first base so the little cousins could reach safely playing at Duke Park each summer we visited. I have many memories of you that I will cherish forever. And if you get a chance, ask Jesus to come back soon. We want to be there too =)
                                                       Love your niece,

Now that that 2 month-late post is written....and I cried a few more tears,

I was on my own for approximately 6 days while the rest of my family went to Ohio for Uncle Lowell's funeral. My Auntie-Mothers didn't let me stay home alone though =) Then there was a whirlwind of family Christmas and a new baby cousin to love...Finn Patrick David Miller, although I've only seen him twice. We had a small party at school and there were gifts, snacks, cookies, etc. Who knew being a teacher warranted such sweet gifts from little children with eager eyes when you open their gift?? =) 

Two weeks of vacation

Spent with friends home from Ohio and Indiana. Sleeping in. Sewing a school dress (the last 2 days and still needs a hem and buttons). Spent an alarming amount of time with the Brother...I enjoyed it. Watched some football games. Counted the days until spring training games start, which is currently 43 days from now. Went ice skating and didn't fall, which is an accomplishment considering the last time I fell so hard on my posterior I was sore for a week. No lie. To top it off, I got a flu bug and missed the first day back. But I lost 5 pounds ha! 
Hopefully it's not 2+ months till I write again....but MJC starts next week and I'm taking Math 90. I may die, in which case there will be no more posts. Anyways....I dislike math so you can pray me through it. Or offer your tutoring services. Good-bye for now =)