Sunday, February 24, 2013

Spring Break

Am I the only one that is shocked it's already about March?! Where has the school year gone?? Don't get me wrong, I'm not wanting the days to pass slower...but times seems to go faster as you get older. Or so they say. I'm too young to be quoting that...I turn 21 next month and I feel so OLD!!!! Ohwell
We have those next week off and I plan to enjoy it :) and by that I mean math homework, library, studying for a math test, reading, reading, taking a math test, flying to Ohio, having a rocking awesome time there(staying up late, talking, consuming copious amounts of caffeine to survive the sleep deprivation), and flying home. On which flight I will most likely loose consciousness in an effort regain the lost sleep. Sound fun to you?? IT DOES TO ME!!

What else does one do while their mother embarks on a Caribbean cruise with her sisters??

I'm truly glad they get to spend some quality time and reflect upon my mother's half-century here upon the earth :D I'm sure they are already having fun...anyways, I wish you all a lovely spring break and adeui...I'm sure I will have pictures to post of my weekend trip to Ohio :D

Toddles :)