Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October Was A Good Month

October blended into a haze of rush rush rush. after my visit to Ohio it was back to reality. Quickly got back into the classroom routine and became a teacher. My mom was still gone in Ohio for a week so I played mom, housekeeper, and cook to an 18 year old boy who suddenly thought he ruled the world because he's 18. I love him though. I hope he knows how to properly put a new roll of toilet paper on the holder now. I helped my cousin give a baby shower for her boy-expecting sister. That was a load of fun. It was very special for me to be able to because both of those cousins are very dear to me and this littler boy has been much prayed for....I can't wait till December!! Then we had family birthdays which is always a lot of fun, noisy, but fun. A sweet little girl turned 1 and she brightens my day whenever I see her!! Waiting to see her walk...she's almost there. Then I madly cleaned the house and threw things into drawers and closets before Mom got home. Oh, and in the midst of all that, the Giants were giving me heart palpitations from being on the brink of elimination 6 times and somehow pulled off victory each time in an improbable World Series push; they made it. Keeping up my History class keeps me busy too, and it's always good to get an A in a quiz I really thought I'd bombed (I need to learn that it's ok to NOT know the score of every game and study more). I am a sports fanatic and I thank you for putting up with that. Character flaw? Maybe. But I do try to reign it in. After that 6-elimination comeback, they swept the Tiger in 4 games. My class got cookies the next day. Speaking of class....

I feel like a dictator.

Like for real. Some kids decided to pass notes and now it's a pandemic. Needless to say the colored tallies have been flying. but I guess they have to learn somehow. Dishonesty and not doing school work properly can lead to no recess. And if that doesn't work, a visit to the principal can become a reality. That was a new experience. I was as nervous as the student. Even though I'd obviously talked to him beforehand. I hope that takes care of the problem. I want them to succeed. Habits like that are not conductive to success. But I remember having things to work on too! I'm clearly not a perfect teacher and some days I question  the impact I really am having in their lives. Those days are once every 3 weeks or so, and the days of good greatly outweigh those feelings. Like when they wanted to have a World Series party...

After October ended I had high hopes of November not being as full. That lasted until I received the monthly school calendar. Wowzers. Stuff happening this weekend, and next week; then the next week, it's Thanksgiving. Ah, 2.5 days off. No black Friday shopping; I'm sleeping and reading and drinking coffee and listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra and other Christmas music. Oh and once November is over, it's December and everything that month entails. I'm already praying we remember what it's all about. Sometimes we forget.

Getting 8 hours of sleep tonight as I cram for a History exam tomorrow,
                                                          Miss Kelley

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