Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Surprise!!

When I got word back in July that my remaining close friend in Ohio was finally engaged, I began to plan. I began to plan my trip to go back for her wedding. Pretty normal, right?? Well I have happened to have become very close with my 5-years-younger-than-me cousin and decided to try to surprise her. I bought my ticket in August and kept quiet for a few days. Then I texted my aunt to make sure it'd be ok for me to "stop by." She was delighted to keep my secret and on with life we went for the next few months. I nearly let it slip lots of times on Facebook and through texting but thankfully, I didn't :) Last Friday afternoon, my Grandparents picked my mom and me up from the airport and headed to my uncle and aunt's house. When we go there, she was getting ready in the bathroom (shocked, I was not) and I waited around the corner for her to come out.
"Mandalyn," her mom called.
"They are here." My aunt told her people might be coming to look at their house they are building.
"Ok, just a second."
A good minute passed with my adrenaline pumping and phone shaking in my hand as I recorded her reaction. Then she exited the bathroom and squealed.

"Hello," I calmly returned. That was followed by a hug and a very confused "How did you get here and did you just come after school?" She clearly doesn't know it takes a whole day to get to Ohio from California.

 My Grandma and cousins :)

 This was the next evening after I had stayed up waaaaay too late on Friday night giggling and talking in their RV, gone on a hour drive to see my other cousin with her sister and ate lunch and shopped with them. I was guzzling Mountain Dew in a failed effort to gain some caffeine and sugar so that I could function at the family gathering Saturday evening. I wore my Giants sweatshirt in a very hostile area of recently disappointed Reds fans. But they still claim me. I got to see a new baby cousin and play with some toddlers and see my uncle who is battling cancer. Gave me a realization that life in indeed short. Prayers for him and his family would be appreciated.

We truly are sisters. God made us cousins 'cause He knew no mother could handle us as sisters. My 2 days with her and the rest of my family was too short but I got 'bumped' on the way home, so I have a ticket to use in the future.

Back to the original reason I went there in the first place. My friend did get married. I served food. They look very happy. Soon I shall be providing baby names for her and my other married friends. I'm sure they will be thrilled.

Annnnnndddd.............now, it's back to the grind of teaching. :) Which I love. But I love it a little less when I am jet lagged.

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