Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Last Two Weeks

Busy Busy Busy.

^my life the last couple of weeks. I would say the phrase,"the honeymoon is over," fits well at school these days. Perhaps it's my fault. I've probably not been as consistent as I should be. No excuses. I take responsibility, but do they think I won't realize if they don't do their math for that day, I won't catch it; or that there won't be consequences for talking out when it's study time? I guess they just started testing the limits. That resulted in an emotionally tired teacher. Well, at least one of my fellow teachers told me that this way if I have children I will be prepared. Thank-you for that startling epiphany. My children will get away with nothing. "Sorry, kids, but I was a teacher before I was your mommy."

Yesterday (Wednesday)  we sang a song about how we don't believe in evolution. It so happened to be the day we had a "whole-school assembly." This one just so happened to be a retired NASA rocket scientist who had worked on all the missions from the 1950s-1990s. He is a Christian man who gave a Christian, God-created talk about the universe. I love how that song fit so well with the day. As he talked and showed us a scaled down show of the planets and stars,  I could not help wondering why God cares about us? HE HAS THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!!!! Why should he be concerned about what goes on on the little, measly planet we named Earth? People, we are specks of dust compared to the whole world. He measures the heavens with just a span of His hand. Yet, He cares about each of us. He cares when we hurt. He hates when we sin. He forgives when we repent. Sometimes I just cry out and say, "Why, God, why do you love me? I sin. I am nothing. Why do you love me?" I haven't came to a conclusion, but I don't care.
I am just glad He does.

We aren't worthy.

We don't deserve it.

He does it anyway.


Maybe I am an emotional woman (as my brother likes to say), but even this man got choked up during his presentation. He was amazed at the wonder and awesomeness of the known world. I left feeling very inspired and thankful.
                                                  In awe of His Greatness,
                                                              Miss Kelley

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